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Wednesday 27 October 2010

Chinese Style Egg Puffs/ Waffles (雞蛋仔)

     (Annyong haseyo!!) Halo, everyone. This is my
pleasure to share about one of my favourite childhood snacks to all of you today. To begin with, let’s guess which one is my favourite snack?

     Let’s me give you some tips, it shapes like an egg with golden yellow colour, smell like a cake and has sweet taste, nowadays, this kind of snacks is also popular and appear in the streets regularly. Does everyone perceive? Now I believe that you may know what it is!! 

     In my childhood, what is my must taste snacks? I can say it is Egg Puffs, which is one of popular and unique traditional street snacks. In addition, Egg waffles also ranked No.3 in the 50 most well-known "Street Snacks". It tastes sweet, I know there are different flavors, such as chocolate, coconut, strawberry, sesame and so on that sell at some restaurant in recent years. Egg Puffs make of egg, sugar, flour, and light evaporated milk. It’s really classic snack during my childhood.

     Right now, I will be talking about Egg Puffs, which can also call as Gei Dan Jai, Egg Waffles or even Eggettes. This is a Hong Kong style waffle that often made and sold by street hawkers on the street. Egg Puffs are foods that can be tasted, smelled and felt, also called tangibility. There are crisp on outside with a little layer of doughy-creamy texture on the inside, but you can know the bubbles are hollow. Nowadays, majority of Egg Puffs are using gas or electric tools or equipment to heat the mold so as to make a delicious Egg Puffs and sell by strret vendors. I may not tell you about egg puff's history a lot, as you can know via internet. 

      Let’s watch some videos that show you how to make Egg Puffs by using Egg Puffs maker together with ingredients or materials when needed during process. Moreover, you can also try to make it by yourself, here is the production process: 

     Is it easy to make the egg waffles?? Depends on your work or how effort you contribute to make it?? Remember the steps? Some procedures? Sufficient ingredients? Then, you may make a successful one and enjoy it. 

     You can also make Egg Waffles with your friends or even family, not also establish a good relationship with them, but also share feelings and experiences together.

     Hope you can enjoy the life and have a nice day!! Please feel free to leave some messagesto us/ send us feedbacks/share own opinions or common interests.

     This blogger is also a best platform to talk about Childhood Snacks together and dedicated to all of you, or people who want to remind valuable memory in their childhood. (KamShaMiDa!)

Sonia Ng

P.S. If you can create new flavour that add into the Egg Puffs when we make it, 

which flavour do you prefer??

Tell me about your ideas??

^O^ See you later =O=              ^O^ See you later =O=   

^O^ See you later =O=      


  1. I love it very much, Egg Waffle is my favourite food in my childhood,thanks for your sharing!!

  2. The clips are quite funny, I think that Egg Waffles are really delicious food.I prefer red bean with green tea flavour if it is possible to make a new taste.


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