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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

~Delicious Snacks~

Hi everyone!!

{ Let's watch at some online advertisements that indicate some of your childhood

snacks?? Are "they" also belong to your favourite snacks in your childhood. }

^ Have a look and enjoy the following classic videos >.<  ^

Here are come from Want Want  China (Main Brands )

Product Category: Rice Crackers/Buscuits/ Candy/Baby-Melts


[Want Want Fried Golden Crunch ]

*旺旺小小酥 (Version 1)*

[Want Want Fried Cracker Balls]

*旺旺小小酥 (Version 2)*


[Want Want Black & White rolls ]


[QQ Gummies]

>旺旺雪餅(Version 1)<

>旺旺雪餅 (Version 2)<

[Want Want Snowy Crisps]


[Want Want Houshao Seaweed Rice Cracker ]

* 旺仔小饅頭 *

[Hot-Kid Baby Melt]


[Pocket Drink ]

^^Exclusive Memory^^

Have you ever seen above advertisements??

Are they can capture your golden childhood memory?

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