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Friday, 29 October 2010

Do you like VITA Lemon Tea? "維他檸檬茶"

Hey,everyone! Do you like VITA Lemon Tea? Have you drunk when you are child?

I like drinking it so much because I think that it tastes good !
When i was a child, I usually went to tuck shop or supermarket to buy it.

Vitasoy (traditional Chinese: 維他奶) is a brand of beverages and desserts in Hong Kong. With a history of more than 60 years, it belongs to the Vitasoy International Holdings Limited based in Hong Kong.  

Vita Lemon tea is one famous drink of Vitasoy. It not only has lemon flavour and not too sweet  , but also the price is cheap. Therefore, Vita Lemon Tea has been attracted so many people to purchase this product.

Moreover, in order to cater different customers' tastes, Vita Lemon Tea provides lots of  choices to customers, and let them choose.

It  has launched VITA Lime Lemon Tea that cna let more consumers enjoy the double sensation of the refreshing Lime and Lemon ever after.

When you are tired and want to relax, try to drink Vita Lemon Tea next time!
I am sure that you will like it very much!

Written by Fiona

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