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Saturday, 23 October 2010

* Four Seas Biscuits Sticks *  ~甘大滋~

Halo, friends!! It’s my turn to tell you the next childhood snacks today, before I start, let me ask you a question? Do you know Four Seas’ products? I think all of you may know this brand via internet or corporate’ commercial advertisement that published online or even in television. As most of people may watch television or surf internet everyday through mass media, thus, I trust that you may know this brand name and its products that provided to consumers.

Let me give you some background information about Four Seas Group, which founded in Hong Kong in 1971, also Four Seas Group was dedicated to provide high quality and great taste foods to majority of consumers around the world. It equipped with an innovative spirit and nearly four decades of market experience, therefore, it had became one of the largest food enterprises in Hong Kong with on-going efforts in new product and market development. Four Seas Group had 20 production plants in Hong Kong and mainland China that produce different kinds of quality food products. Apart from this, it is the distributor of over 5,000 food products sourced from over 20 countries.

Right now, I am glad to tell you this childhood snacks - Biscuits Sticks, which is one of the brand products from Four Seas Group, as you know there are several flavors, such as original chocolate, vegetable, salad, tomato and seaweed flavour as well. Hence, you can choose either one, depends what you like!! Which one do you like the most? In truth, the reason I love eating Biscuits Sticks are because it taste good, convenience to purchase with affordable price, Four Seas Group also launch a interesting advertisement recently that can catch my attention and have deep impression about this product.
However, let’s watch a video from Four Seas Group:
甘大滋廣告@王友良  Commercial Advertisement of Four Seas Biscuit Sticks>Ivan Wang

Have you watched this advertisement before? Do you want to try it?? Please don’t hesitate, I you really want to try it, you can buy it as quick as possible; as there are different flavour enable you to choose. You can buy Biscuits Sticks from school tuck shop, or can purchase at convenience store, supermarket and self-vending machine and so on. It’s really easy to buy this product, because it distribute in so many places that can satisfy consumers’ needs and wants.

Is this product attractive enough? Do you want t buy it now?

No doubt that, Biscuits Sticks is delicious and small pack is easy to storage, you can keep it in your bag.

I remembered that in my childhood, my mother brought lots of package and keep them at home; I often brought Biscuits Sticks that kept in my school bag, shared it with my friends at school during recess time or lunch time regularly. Most importantly, I needed to queue up as there were so many students brought snacks during break, I had to wait for about 15 minutes.

On the other hand, in school picnic, I kept it in my bag and enjoy it during tea time in a quiet and good environment outside. I hope I can back to past to recapture innocent and happy moment in my childhood, it is great to review my childhood, but I know it’s impossible.

One package of Biscuits Sticks is cheap, tasty and crispy. For me, there are different kinds of tastes, give me different experiences, I can select what I like. Actually, my favourite flavour is “vegetable salad flavour “, hoabout you?

See you next time!! >.<

Best Wishes,


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