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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Put Chai Ko (砵仔糕)


   Put Chai Ko is a chinese name. In english name, we can call Brown sugar rice pudding. i believe that many many Hong Kong residents must taste Put Chai Ko during their childhood.

  Put Chai Ko is a popluar snack which orginates from Hong Kong. It is plam size and sweet in taste. It si made from red bean, brown sugar or write sugar. It is soft, but can hold its molded shape outside of a small chinese bowl. Put Chai Ko is stuck by bamboopick and person hold it to eat.

   Athough Put Chai Ko is a long-history traditional chinese snack, it is still available today. We can find it in Chinese Pastry, snack shops or from street hawker.

Written by Natalie


  1. I like eating white one, and you??

  2. Hi,

    Can I know where is this shop located at ???
    Can I have the address, pls ??


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