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Monday, 22 November 2010

Candied Haws on a Stick "冰糖葫蘆"

Hi~ everyone. Nice to meet you. I’m Susan Tam. Now, the winter is coming. What do you want to eat in the winter? I like eating “Candied Haws on a Stick” which is a famous childhood snack in Beijing. Do you know it which is the red color? I’m going to show the picture for you. I think you may interest it.

I know that the western people may not be known that snack. It uses the Chinese hawthorn and malt sugar which taste sweet and acid. It tastes good. When you don’t want to eat more, it can make you have the appetite. I think there are less shop can buy in the western, right? If you want to eat, you can make it by yourself. Now, I’ll tell you how to make it.

Material: Fresh Chinese hawthorn, hard sugar, almond, red kidney bean paste, sugar candy scented with jasmine, sesame seed
1.    Cleaning the fresh Chinese hawthorn, use the knife cut as like as the picture. This time may see as soon as the Chinese hawthorn nucleus, made an effort to extend the nucleus gently reverse to break off the nucleus naturally to fall off
2.    Take the red kidney bean paste, the almond, the walnut, and so on likes material even adding in the central. Then covers the other half with toothpick fixed good;

3.    Put the hard sugar and the water in the pot joins.The proportion probably is 2 hard sugar: 1 clear water. The fire burns to the ebullition, Then afterward transfers the flame. You don’t stop the agitation and slowly boils to the soup starts to emit the even decadent air bubble, joins 1 few sugar candy scenteds with jasmine, stirs;
4.    Put the Chinese hawthorn binds in the syrup. because its even to stain syrup. Then afterward puts in has soaked with the cold water on the plank or the stainless steel tray, scatters the sesame seed or the almond before it's too late is broken, lets its natural cooling then

It’s very easy to make , right? I hope you can make it and enjoy in the winter.

Now, there are many different kinds of fruit which can make “Candied Haws on a Stick”. I like eating strawberry so much. I remember that I like eating it when I go shopping. The feeling is so good.

Hope everyone can enjoy my sharing*
By Susan Tam

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