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Friday, 12 November 2010

Spring field pizza (糖蔥餅)

   Today, I would like to introduce chinese traditional snack which is Spring field pizza(糖蔥餅). I think that the most of  Hong Kong people have already tasted it in their childhood.  I remeber that I always tasted it during studying secondary school, because it can be bought it from street-side near my secondary school. In recent year,  Spring field pizza is seldomly found from street-side.

   Spring field pizza is made by malt sugar, white sugar, sesame, desiccated coconut and spring roll wrapper. Spring field pizza is need to made by experience chef. Firstly, chef heat  malt sugar to melt and then use stick continued pulling until it turned white from golden yellow,  pulled up to the bar when it cut a section, it will become brittle after cooling. Secondly, chef use spring roll wrapper to wrap malt sugar, white sugar, sesame and desiccated coconut.

   You can buy Spring field pizza from street-side, and it is placed in glass box. But it is seldomly found from street-side in recent year, therefore if you want to taste Spring field pizza, I think that you depend on your luck. If anybody know where can buy Spring field pizza, please leave a message to me!!! Because I want to taste again~~

Written by Natalie Wong

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