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Monday, 22 November 2010

Doublemint (綠箭)

Doublemint has a long history, brought us a lot of good memories.


Remember when i buy "Doublemint gum", just want to play "printing." How to play?

1. Open the wrapping paper, remove the silver foil (you can eat inside the gum )

2. The foil out after tearing silver foil side, butter paper into a transparent

3. Open the newspaper, find the cartoon characters you want (of course, to the butter paper size to the size of it)

4. Remove the two dollars, including in the butter a piece of paper included including  Look! Cartoon characters have been printing in the butter a piece of paper

6. To find sheets of blank paper to be covered pad of butter paper, wax for the bottom, and then including including including

7. Cartoon characters have been printing on paper in the beloved!

By Fiona Tse

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