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Monday, 15 November 2010

Magic Pop Crackling Candy

Hi, everyone! Thanks for reading my blog. I’m Susan Tam. I’m apologizing that my English is so bad in my first sharing. I hope I can improve it and all of you can understand it. This is my second sharing of my childhood snack which is “Magic Pop Crackling Candy”.

A package of Crackling Candy is so many grains of broken sugars. When we tasted the Crackling Candy which dissolution by saliva, the small sugar beats in the oral cavity. Then we can hear the rustling sound. Although it make you have some special feeling, you can felt that has the little pain and the mark itches, looks like in the mouth to explode.

In childhood, I like go supermarket with my mother because I can buy different kinds of snacks which can make me happy. I always eat sweet in any time. The Magic Pop Crackling Candy is one my favorite sweet. I like eating Crackling Candy with my brother on the big tree. It is because that is our secret area where collect our good memory. Also, we like climbing on the tree which can make us happy. It’s because when my father hit us, he didn’t how to climb it. We just sat on the tree and laugh him. Haha.. .. we are the naughty child.

There are different kinds of Crackling Candy. What is your favorite taste?

I don’t try this one. Now, there are many new tastes in the supermarket.

This is my favorite choice, and you??

I think the package design is so good. It can attract child who want to buy it.

I think the lemon of Crackling Candy is not good because it tasted as like as the “liquid detergent” which is cleaning the bowl. Do you think it??

Thank you for reading my blog which is sharing my childhood-“Magic Pop Crackling Candy” If you never eat it, please go to supermarket and buy and taste it. I think it can give you some magic feeling. Hope you can enjoy it!!!

>V<” Hope you can read my blog again and again.

By Susan Tam


  1. Hi Susan~
    I love this candy also.
    The lemon of Crackling Candy is very special!
    I didn't taste it!!
    btw your english improved~
    At least I understand pricipally!

  2. Jason *thanks for coming my blog. You can try the lemon one .


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