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Saturday, 6 November 2010

My favouite drink---Yakult

Hey~everybody! I'm Susan Tam. I'm so glad to share my childhood food which is Yakult. It recaptures my childhood. I know that it is a famous drink when we was young, right?

I have a good childhood when I was young. My parents love me so much. They always bought Yakult to me because the television advertising promoted it which can let children have a health body. They trust that so much! What is your parent? Did they believe that advertisment? Now, there are so many Yakult advertising in Hong Kong. It is so funny and that can attract buyer to buy the product. Let me show the oldest advertising and the new advertising for you.

Do you remember this advertising? I was a naughty girl when I was young. My brother and I like climb the tree so much!That advertising can let me miss my father who is so strict. But I know that he is a kind father because when we cried, he gave me the Yakult which taste so good. So, when I drink it, I miss my childhood so much!

Haha... ... It is so funny advertisment. I love it so much! When I was young, I want to be pretty and charming bride. I believe that the if I drunk more Yakult, I can be a desirable girl. Every girl know that the appearance it so important. It is because we wish we can meet a handsome prince and  we can get a happy ending! Do you have a same dream for me?

This advertising is so funny. Do you remember your first love? When is it happened? I miss my first love when I dirnk the Yakult. I remember that my ex-boy friend and I always drink it for breakfast. It is so sweets! We sat in the playground and enjoyed our best drink. Do you have a same memory? Haha...

Yakult accompanied us in our daily life. Can you feel it?

 Hope you enjoy my sharing, thanks>3<"

Susan Tam


  1. hi, i am a pass-by
    i found the theme of the blog is quite funny,
    but there are problems of your english
    a bit hard for people to understand
    like " what is your parents?"
    wow, i should answer Human Being?

  2. here i made some amendment, you may use it as reference if you don't mind.

    "I was a lucky child. My parents love me so much. They brought me Yakult frequently. Because the television advertisement said that Yakult could make children become healthier. They believed that so much! How about your parents? Did they believe that too? Now, there are so many Yakult advertisments in Hong Kong. All of them are so funny which can easily attract consumers to buy the product. Let me show you the oldest advertisement and the latest one."

  3. oh i am sorry, it should be bought instead of brought

  4. poor english....
    "what is your parents?''

  5. Thank you for your sharing!!I like drinking Yakult too.

  6. Jason:thanks your comment. I know that my english is so terrible

  7. Yakult began to be my favourite drink when i was a BB. Until now, favour and favour!!! I think you were very interesting in your baby life.

  8. Prince Douglas :thanks your comment. I hope you can read my blog again. Good to see you.

  9. sor... Wt are u talking about???

  10. Suki wong : thanks your comment . I'll improve my english . Hope you can come back again :D


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