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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Do you miss Lollipops? (棒棒糖)

Lollipops tied with generous support club sugar like table tennis, so there is a name.

My childhood, living in general as much more expensive that today, the children were very happy and holding non-stop eating. When thinking of my childhood, also reminds me of a chunk of round lollipops.

There are some tastes of lollipops, such as milky, candy,etc. A child has a rare lollipops, so the land will always treasure a small mouth with his tongue slowly licking a small mouth, chew it not easy to bites, or share with others. Therefore, even if very hard to lick it one afternoon, a thick sugar that the body often so only by licking a little bit thin, even the taste buds are sweet, and only to find out lollipops had really resistant to eat. Loss of time really want to eat sugar and set back the wave board bag in the refrigerator. Now think of it, there is still interesting.

However, now there are just few places where you can buy lollipops , such as supermarket, citysuper.

Do you miss lollipops? Do you want to eat it suddenly?

Let us buy it now!

written by Fiona

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