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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Jelly ''o者 喱''

 ""Hi~ everyone* I’m Susan Tam. Good to see you. Thanks for coming my blog again and I hope you can enjoy my last sharing. 

I like eating very much so I make some food if I have a free time. In the past, I like making some jelly with my boyfriend who is interested in it. I remembered that I was not good at cooking because I never cook in the kitchen. 

Why I made the food to my boyfriend because I want to give him more happiness every day. Although I just made some jelly when in a special day such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Anniversary, I can make him satisfy. Haha… … It’s so easy and I think he is a nice boyfriend. He didn’t care about my cooking because I made some terrible jelly which is not good feeling.


After a few years, I am good at make some jelly. I am totally enjoyed to make it which can make my friend feel happier. I like hearing their laughter and watching their smile. I am so happy I can meet my new friends in the Tourism Industry Programme. They are so nice and make me happier. I love them so much. 

I remembered that some classmated was so unhappy or felt stressful  because of their study, doing project, etc. I don’t like that feelings in my class so I create a event which is called “Happy Jelly Day”. If they ate my jelly, they can smile and feeling good.

Now, I would like to share how to make some jelly. I hope you can enjoy it:

Mentioned below is an easy way to make elderberry jelly recipe.

Get the elderberry benefits by making this elderberry jelly.


‧ 4 pounds Fresh Elderberries
‧ 1 gallon Water
‧ Sugar
‧ 2 tbsp Lemon Juice


‧ Clean the elderberries thoroughly and remove the stalks, if any.

‧ In a heavy pan, put in the elderberries. Bring the juice to a boil and then cook the elderberries on low heat for about half an hour.

‧ Check the berries. If the berries have turned into a soft pulp, mash the berries with the help of a spatula and continue cooking for a few minutes.

‧ Once the berries are completely cooked, remove from heat and pour them into a muslin cloth. Tie the cloth and hang the cooked elderberries. Keep a bowl beneath the cloth in order to collect all the juice from the muslin. Allow the juice to drip overnight. Do not attempt to squeeze the juice as the elderberry jelly will become cloudy.

‧ The next morning, measure the amount of juice collected in the bowl. Add about a pound of sugar for every pint of juice.

‧ Boil this mixture of juice and sugar in another pan for about 10 - 15 minutes. Add the lemon juice too. After 10 minutes, pour some jelly into a plate and see if the surface starts to set. If the surface sets, then the jelly is ready. However, if the surface does not set, then continue to cook the jelly for 5 more minutes.

‧ Repeat the test after 5 minutes. The jelly should be ready.

‧ Pour the mixture into warm containers and seal them immediately.

It’s so easy when I am making some jelly. I’m enjoying it. I hope everyone can try to make some jelly because it is a good food.

Susan Tam

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