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Sunday, 21 November 2010

PEZ (皮禮士糖)

Do you know a brand name call “PEZ”?

PEZ is a combination word of the first, the middle and the last letter of the German word “PFEFFERMINZ” (= peppermint). It was invented by Eduard Haas in Austria in 1927 and now it is 83 years old.

Many people ate “PEZ” candy in their childhood. Most of them do not care about the taste of candy, and they just care about the candy boxes. As there are many different types of candy boxes with different cartoon roles. Many people like collecting PEZ candy boxes. Such as: Tigger, Mickey Mouse, Star war etc.

 “PEZ” first introduced to America market in 1952, and it was designed as a product for adults originally. However the sales performance was not good.
In 1962, “PEZ” cooperated with Walt Disney. The candy boxes were ornamented with images of Mickey Mouse, Donald and Goofy and many people liked this series.  Not only the audits, but also children liked this series. Children became the target buyers too.

Since 1965, countless license agreements with producers of the most popular comic figures were concluded world-wide and ensured the loyalty of generations of PEZ-fans in over 80 counties around the world. For example: Thomas & Friends, Shrek, Hello Kitty, SpongeBob and so on. More and more people become the fans of PEZ.

In 2007, PEZ celebrated 80th anniversary.  It presented many classic candy boxes and different size of candy boxes. 
I bought many PEZ candy boxes in my childhood, including Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Garfield and Winner the Pooh.  I love the candy boxes design very much and brought them to school every day.  Also I bought a larger candy boxes in 80th anniversary.

Do you like PEZ candy? With which cartoon roles candy box??

Written by Mandy Man

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