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Thursday, 18 November 2010

White Rabbit Creamy Candy *白兔糖*

Hello, everyone, I am Sonia, this is my time to introduce another childhood snacks to all of  you, no matter you are first time to browse this blog, or some repeated visitors, welcome to our blog!!  :] 
Today, I'd like to tell you about this well known sweet, which is called White Rabbit Creamy Candy. Have you eaten in your childhood?? I am sure that all of you have tried before, at least one times, but I recommend you to try it more, as it is sweet and delicious as well. But I have to remind you that don't eat too much, you should eat appropriately.

This snack made of granulated sugar, starch syrup, fresh condensed milk, butter, high quality milk powder and gelatin by advanced processes. It ranked high reputation abroad for almost 45 years for its strong milk taste, moderate sweetness, soft and smooth body and rich nutrition.

Actually, in my childhood life, this snack is my '' must taste'' candy also. The selling price is really cheap, inexpensive and affordable amount. I can purchase White Rabbit Creamy Candies via Tuck shop, Store, Supermarket and also Market as well. Can it make me 'Water In Mouth', Of course ''YES''!! I like original vanilla flavour most.

But I know until now, there are several newly choices that added to enable some consumers to select, the various flavours are chocolate, coffee, toffee, peanut, corn, coconut, lychee, strawberry, mango, red bean, and fruit. >.< A really remarkable brand name >O< 

Besides, during Lunar New Year or some festivals,  especially when I celebrate the Lunar New Year in my homeland with my dearest relatives and family.

My grandparent usually brought lots of candies and put this kind of snack at home in the past, sometimes they may give us White Rabbit Creamy Candies to reward us, so I had deeply impression that they took care of us. I am really miss them, thus I hope I have spare time to visit them with my family to come to homeland.

Candy Addict: I love eating White Rabbit CreamyCandies very much@ 

What is White Rabbit Creamy Candy?? Let me tell you more details:

>>>White Rabbit Creamy Candy has more than 60 years history. This is China's famouse brand and now sold abroad. White Rabbit Creamy Candy is white colour, with a soft and chewy texture, in addition, this type of candy is formed into cylinders approximately 3 cm long and 1 cm in diameter. 

Each candy is wrapped in a printed waxed paper wrapper, but within this, the sticky candies are again wrapped in a thin edible paper-like wrapping made from sticky rice. The ingredients including corn starch, syrup, cane sugar, butter, and milk as well. Each candy contains 20 calories. White Rabbit sweets have been advertised with the slogan, "Seven White Rabbit candies are equivalent to one cup of milk", and positioned as a nutritional product, and then to be a sweet product.  Is it attractive? Can you know more information about this snack?? I trust you may realize what I say.

Right now, I will tell you some brand histories of this sweet, it originated at the Aipixi Candy Factory of Shanghai in 1943, when a merchant from Aipixi tried a milk candy from England and thought thatt he taste wasgood enough. Through half a year's development, these milk candies have been manufactured as factory's own brand.

The first Aipixi milk candies were packaged using a red Mickey Mouse drawing on the label, and were named ABC Mickey Mouse Sweets. It became widely popular among the people because of  its cheaper prices  compare with other import products. In 1950s, Aipixi  became state-owned.  

Mickey Mouse was seen as a symbol for worshipping foreign countries, so that the packaging was redesigned to feature a naturalistically-drawn White Rabbit and an artist's paint palette with Chinese and English hand-lettering  in a colour scheme of red, blue and black against a white background. 

Initially, production of the candies was capped at 800 kg per day, and they were manually produced. 

In 1959, these candies were given as gifts for the tenth National Day of the People's Republic of China. In 1972, Premier Zhou Enlai used White Rabbit candies as a gift to American president Richard Nixon when the latter visited China.  Today White Rabbit candies are China's top brand of sweet.

P.S. Which taste do you like most??

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