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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Favourite Drink @ VITASOY --- 維他奶

Halo, everyone :D  It's my turn to tell you about one of my favourite drinks in the childhood. --> It's VITASOY.

To begin with, let's watch some representative advertisements that may recall your greatful memories.

Here are the clips, pls enjoy!!

(1) [Vitasoy 維他奶 ]- Stand By Me

(2) [ 維他奶 新廣告「一小步.一進步」] - Advancement

(3) [熱維他奶 K.O. 雪人 ] - Cold Drink in Winter

(4) [熱維他奶(凍柑篇)] - Hot Drink

Latest advertisement

(5) 幾時都好~飲 維他奶Stand By You

Have you seen above videos in your childhood or now?

     Let me give you some history about VITASOY, this is an original soybean drink, which is a well known brand around the world,I sure that almost everyone knows this brand name, as VITASOY launch lots of promotions and functions to capture consumer's attention, in order to gain more market share and attempt to fullfill all of your needs and wants. I often bought VITASOY drinks with my friends during recession when I was young. It give me long lasting feelings, I like the white one, orginal flavour, how abou you??? 

     VITASOY offers different sorts of tastes to the traget audiences, until now, VITASOY also create new flavours to the customers. As it is inexpensive, together with different tastes and different design,  buyers can afford to purchase VITASOY.

Thus, VITASOY is a famous drink world wide.
It's brand promotes  "One Goal, One Vision".

Besides, I would like to share my experiences about VITASOY. No doubt that, Vitasoy is one of the famous brands and fabulous drinks in Honk Kong. It establish good impression that can attract different types of customers. Reasons I like drinking VITASOY? As reasonable, attractive and affordable amount with sweet tastes.  
For me, it's easy and convience to buy this products as well, because it is almost can see at anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, my parents brought VITASOY to us regularly in the past. Moreover, I could keep it and put it into refrigerator, froze the drinks and enjoyed cold drink after few hours later. Hence, I like drinking VITASOY during summer time.

Somtimes I may think can I back to childhood?? Is it possible? Actually no!! But I know the delighted memories may leave in mind. 

Here are different era's product design of VITASOY, here we go!!

Nowadays, VITASOY creates seasonal or festival designs on the package of drink,
it's really funny and attractive!! Right??

In addition, I really have deep impression about the latest advertisement, I remember the title song that obtain award, which is held by ''The Most Popular TV Commercial Awards''. I trust tnat VITASOY can standy by you in the future.

Eventually, if VITASOY want to pruduce one more taste, do you have any ideas? Which taste do you want VITASOY to make? Have a happy day!!Thank you for your browsing!!



Coming Soon  >.<


  1. I like drinking brown one. The advertisement can recapture my memory in childhood, thanks for your sharing!!

  2. I have many memory about the VITASOY.
    cold weather, breakfact, after school.......
    However, i can't buy it in America~

  3. My girl friend and I like drinking the brown one also.
    But now we can't buy and drink it in Amercia....
    I miss the vitasoy every much.

  4. Thanks for your sharing. I really like drinking the brown one as well. But white one is also tasty, I recommend you to try it!

  5. Thank you for your comments, VITASOY gives me lots of pleasant memories in my childhood. Have you seen the above video clips before, they are quite interesting!


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