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Monday, 8 November 2010

Cotton Candy (棉花糖)

File:Cotton candy Μαλλί της γριάς.JPG

    Today, I introduce cotton candy, but this type cotton candy cannot be bought in supermarket. Have you tasted it in your childhood? I have already tasted the cotton candy in my childhood. I still remember that my first time to tasted this type cotton candy in Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park(荔園) and I felt very magical and interesting when I tasted it, because the cotton candy dissolved in my mouth. Although, Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park is already closed, we can be able to find this type cotton candy in Hong Kong, For example, Hong Kong Disneyland.

    Autually, this type cotton candy has a long long history around Mid-18th Century and it come from Europe. Cotton Candy is form of spun sugar. Since it is mostly air, servings are large.  Food coloring is used to change the natural white color, thus it has many color, such as blue, pink and green......

     How to make the cotton candy? The machine used to make cotton candy consists of a small bowl, into which sugar is poured and food coloring is added.  The operator use a stick, cone, or their hands around the rim of the large catching bowl, gathering the sugar strands into portions.    

    Did you taste the cotton candy? If you no, never mind~~Let me describle to you. It is sticky and sweet,  Although it feels like wool to the touch, it dissolves quickly in the mouth.  It is soft and fluffy when dry but it comes in contact with moisture, it becomes sticky and damp.

Written by Natalie Wong


1 comment:

  1. I had purchased a Cotton Candy in Ngong Ping market 360. That great~~!!!!!! The size was very very big~~ $20 only~~


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